Today was like a perfect day. It was an autumn day like I love them. A misty morning, a shiny afternoon, beautiful colors everywhere. It is now the perfect moment where all the leaves of the trees change their color in a vibrant symphony of yellow, red and orange. Some of them already felt and transformed the streets in yellow paths. Such a day makes me fall in love with Fall all over again.
After consideration, I do realize that Autumn might actually be my favorite season. It reminds me such nice memories like my first parachute jumps, the pureness of the indescribable fresh air up there, the silence under the canopy...
It reminds me as well the vermicelli soup that we used to eat every evening to start the diner. The ritual to eat it. First smell and enjoy the comforting smell of the bouillon, come close enough to the bowl to let the warmth wraps your face in a delicate smoke, blow a bit and eat it slowly while enjoying the warmth that comes into your body.
It was just vermicelli soups but all the love and care of my mother were in those soups.
At the end of the diner, we had sometimes chestnuts. Such a special fruit. It was always a surprise, our fortune cookie to check while opening it if it was a good one or not. Would it be floury, slightly hard, or rotten? Every fruit has its own secret inside. Chestnuts on table were also the sign of a coming winter, Christmas,  huge diners with the entire family, a lot of hugs, a lot of presents, candles, lights, laughs, a lot of love.

I might love Fall so much because it reminds me the human capacity to love and share.

It was definitely a beautiful day.

Hope you had a nice one too. Enjoy your Fall!



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